IU biochemist finds solution to ‘terminal acid shock’ in craft brewers’ sour beer production

On March 1, IU Assistant Professor of Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry Matthew Bochman contacted the IU Newsroom about a paper accepted for publication in the journal Food Microbiology.

Cody Rogers, Matt Bochman, Caleb Staton

IU Assistant Professor Matt Bochman, center, with Caleb Staton, right, of Upland Brewery, and Cody Rogers, of Bochman’s lab.

The paper documented Bochman’s work to prevent the death of yeast microbes used to brew sour beer, a project conducted in collaboration with Upland Brewery in Bloomington, Ind. In addition, Bochman was the recipient of a $13,000 small business startup grant from the Johnson Center for Innovation and Translational Research at IU Bloomington to establish a company to analyze and stock new breeds of yeast for local brewers.

To tell both parts of the story, the IU Newsroom produced a news release about the new study’s publication as well as a blog post on Bochman’s entrepreneurial efforts, both of which were posted on March 21, the date of the paper’s publication.

The news release, which contained a link to the blog post, was also posted to EurekAlert. The blog was also shared as a feature story in Inside IU. Photography of Bochman and his collaborators at Upland Brewery, captured by IU Communications’ Visual and Audio Services, were included in the press package.

The release resulted in strong local and regional media pickup throughout the end of March and April:


Infographic courtesy of Indianapolis Business Journal

In addition, WFIU’s Earth Eats radio program ran an interview with Bochman on May 12 to coincide with “UpCup,” a home brewing competition hosted by Upland Brewery, and Inside Indiana Business ran a television segment about the collaboration that aired July 7 on WFIU and July 8 on WTHR Channel 13 in Indianapolis.

Other coverage included an interview on The Sour Hour, a podcast for beer enthusiasts, on May 4 and a reference to the project in a story in the IBJ on May 20.

An interview with Bochman also aired July 24 on Through the Gates, a podcast produced by the IU Provost’s Office in collaboration with the IU Media School and IU Communications.

In related coverage, several reporters who covered the original story have reported on a new collaboration between Bochman and a brewery in Austin, Texas, to “map the sour beer microbiome.” Stories ran in NUVO on June 17 and in Indiana On Tap on June 22.

On Oct. 2, Bochman was interviewed on Inside Indiana Business in relation to his company’s work on Bicentennial-ales, a Bicentennial Legacy Project of the Brewer’s of Indiana Guild.




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