IU Libraries to preserve and share ‘lost’ Orson Welles radio recordings

Orson WellesA $25,000 grant from the National Recording Preservation Foundation to Indiana University Libraries will assist in the preservation of rare, original recordings of “The Orson Welles Show,” a live radio series which debuted Sept. 15, 1941.

While it was widely believed that only eight of the 19 “Orson Welles Show” broadcasts had survived, IU’s Lilly Library has original lacquer discs containing 14 of the broadcasts, as well as other supposedly lost recordings.

The IU-led project “Orson Welles on the Air” will preserve and digitize 324 master sound recordings and about 100 accompanying paper scripts. As part of the project librarians also will build a rich, interactive website to provide context for the collections.

IU Communications worked with IU Libraries and the the National Recording Preservation Foundation to share the news about this project within IU’s Media Digitization and Preservation Initiative.

Marcela Creps’ article in the Bloomington Herald-Times was distributed by The Associated Press and appeared in many news outlets, including the Chicago Daily Herald, Journal Review (Crawfordsville, Ind.), The News & Observer (Raleigh, N.C.), Terre Haute Tribune-Star, The Washington Times, WIBC 93.1, WIVB-TV (Buffalo, N.Y.), WJHL-TV (Tennessee), WKRG (Alabama) and WTHR-TV (Indianapolis). Other coverage included:


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