IU scientists create ‘nano-reactor’ for the production of hydrogen biofuel

On Dec. 3, the chair of the IU Bloomington Department of Chemistry reached out to the IU Newsroom about a paper recently accepted in the journal Nature Chemistry reporting the creation of an innovative new biomaterial (P22-HYD) for the production of hydrogen gas — a process with exciting potential for biofuel production.


Hydrogen-producing enzyme releases from the shell.

The IU Newsroom worked with the lead author of the paper, Trevor Douglas, to craft a news release that highlighted both the development of the material — created through a process of encapsulating a hydrogen-producing enzyme within the protective shell of a bacterial virus — as well as the ways in which the resulting product could represent a significant improvement in terms of cost and efficiency compared to current methods for producing hydrogen on the market.

Major news and web outlets to cover the story included

Additional media hits included the Headline & Global NewsStates Chronicle and Times of India.

The news also spread widely online, including both broad coverage on IU social media — garnering over 90 “likes” and 50 retweets from @IUBloomington,  @IUNewsroom, @IUAAChicago and @IUWorldwide, among other institutional accounts — as well as significant social sharing of the story via news outlets covering the story. Phys.org’s Twitter post of the IU news release, for example, earned nearly a 100 total “likes” and RTs.

In addition, the Department of Energy’s Office of Science Communication prominently featured the story as their first post of the new year under their official website’s “University Research” section at http://science.energy.gov.


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