Women, Immunity and Sexual Health study findings

Kinsey Institute researcher Tierney Lorenz reached out to the IU Newsroom on Sept. 9 regarding an upcoming paper in the journal Fertility and Sterility suggesting connections between immune system changes and sexual activity in women.

Lorenz_graphic-headerDuring the development of the news release, Lorenz received notice a second related paper in the journal Physiology and Behavior was also scheduled to publish in the coming month. Co-authors on both studies were Julia Heiman of the IU Bloomington Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences and Greg Demas of the IU Bloomington Department of Biology.

A news release on both studies — packaged with an infographic created by the IU Newsroom — was distributed to media on Oct. 5.

Among the first news outlets to pick up the story were the Daily Mail and Yahoo Health. Additional outlets began to report the story on Oct. 7, continuing into the following weeks’ news cycles, resulting in strong media pickup. Coverage included:

Other prominent online media outlets and blogs reporting the news included Bustle, Essence, Fit Pregnancy, Gizmodo, Jezebel and Mic.

Foreign-language media to report on the research included FOCUS (German) Interia (Polish) Newsweek (Spanish), Science Post (French), Slate France (French), La Stampa (Italian), Univision (Spanish) and 20 Minuten (German).

Other English-language media to report on the study were the Daily Standard, Dispatch TimesFuturity, HealthDay News, International Business Times, Inquisitr, Medical Daily, Nature World Report, Press Examiner and Tech Times.


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