If you purchase an embarrassing product online, do you still blush? New study says yes

Kelly Herd

Kelly Herd

The IU News and Media Team reached out to Kelley School of Business professor Kelly Herd after learning about her new research study, “Wetting the Bed at Twenty-One: Embarrassment as a Private Emotion,” which focuses on how people react when making purchases of sensitive items online. A news release was issued on Aug. 6 and posted at EurekaAlert!, the news site of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

Since then, stories about Herd’s paper have appeared in Glamour, MSN, Yahoo!, Bustle, Medical Daily, Men’s Health, New York Magazine, Health.com and media outlets around the world, including:

Other news outlets with large followings, including Men’s Health, Uber Facts, Factly and Senior Health Daily (and a New York Times writer), issued tweets that directed people back to the news release.


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