Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water, Shark Week tells us otherwise, says IU Media School professor

Jessica Gall Myrick

Jessica Gall Myrick

Last fall, when a paper by IU Media School professor Jessica Gall Myrick about how the Discovery Channel’s “Shark Week” programs influence our fear of sharks came out in the journal Science Communication, the decision was made to hold off on publicity until it was closer to the next airing of the popular programs.

On June 30, George Vlahakis of the IU News and Media Team wrote an article for the IU Inc. blog about Myrick’s research to coincide with the beginning of “Shark Week” beginning July 5. It also was posted at Newswise, a news service for universities and pitched to selected reporters. The news service at her co-author’s institution also pitched the story to media in North Carolina, many of whom were covering a recent number of shark attacks in the Carolinas.

Myrick and her co-author, IU alumna Savannah Evans, were invited to co-write an article for TheConversation.com, which later was picked up by Time magazine.

Other coverage included:


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