How students at a U.S. university borrowed $31 million less

341445_w296IU’s efforts to ensure students graduate with as little debt as possible have received major media attention, including a July report by Bloomberg Businessweek (“How students at a U.S. university borrowed $31 million less”) that featured commentary from IU students who have benefited from the university’s continued focus on financial literacy. The story has been widely shared across the web.

As reported by this IU press release earlier this year, fewer IU students are borrowing this year to pay for school, fulfilling a goal of the university as it continues to focus its efforts on college affordability and student financial literacy. Across seven IU campuses, the number of undergraduates who took out federal loans in 2013-14 decreased by 12 percent from 2012-13, and the money they borrowed fell by the same percentage. Four campuses saw double-digit decreases in borrowers and loan amounts.

Here’s a sampling of some of the coverage IU has received for its aggressive campaign to address college affordability and students’ financial literacy.



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