For Vladimir Putin, medals aren’t only potential prize at Sochi Olympics

Russia_Putin_Demotix_3829869On Jan. 21, the News and Media Team issued a special tipsheet for the 2014 Olympic games, which featured comments from Dina Spechler, an associate professor of political science; Owen Johnson, an associate professor of journalism and former director of the Russian and East European Institute at IU; Robert Chapman, Robert Chapman, an  assistant professor in the Department of Kinesiology in the School of Public Health-Bloomington; and Les Lenkowsky, professor of practice in public affairs and philanthropy.

Spechler, an expert on Russian foreign policy, was quoted in a Feb. 5 Miami Herald article, “For Vladimir Putin, medals aren’t only potential prize at Sochi Olympics.” The article subsequently was picked up by other publications nationally, including the Fresno Bee.

Johnson was quoted in an article in Index on Censorship magazine, “Russian Olympic censorship combats Putin’s slipping domestic image.”

United Press International and Inside Science put out reports based on Chapman’s research about how Sochi’s altitude may hamper athletic performances.

Lenkowsky was featured in a report on WIBC, “IU professor says Putin using Olympics as propaganda.”


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